District Cllr Report – Bickleigh & Cornwood Ward 27/02/2020

Report to Bickleigh Parish Council

27 February 2020

From     Cllr Barrie Spencer

Bickleigh & Cornwood Ward, South Hams District Council

Barwood Development

These applications have now hit the ground and are generating a lot of discussion pretty much everywhere.  I won’t go through the applications since I am sure that they will now be familiar to most of you already.

These are applications that have serious consequences to everyone in the area, not just Bickleigh, Roborough or indeed Woolwell.  I am very disappointed by the poor response to the planning application by members of the public; this development affects tens of thousands of residents in the surrounding area but the number of responses so far is nowhere near that level.  I would strongly encourage every resident to respond; it does not take much effort and you can influence the outcome.  My only comment to those who have not responded or are not going to is ‘if you do not comment you will get what you are given!.

The initial response date was around 23 February but SHDC has come to an agreement with the developer that it could take up to a year to reach a decision.  It would appear that the planners and the developers are having quarterly meetings so you need to make your response soon even if it is after 23 February.  There is no point in leaving it until the last moment and then expect to be heard.

It is now your time to stand up and be counted.

Residents Meeting

I ran a very successful meeting on Friday 21 February for residents in my ward which was arranged as a result of their wishes to know more about the development, how it might affect them and what they could do about it.  There were 83 residents at that meeting.  It has generated a lot of feedback and I hope that those who attended now have a better understanding of the issues involved.

Climate Change

Climate change initiatives continue to be high on the Council’s agenda and rightly so.  The Group is working on a formal action plan, a carbon reduction plan and a Citizens Assembly.  The first two of these are out for consultation with Parish Councils and other bodies and we await their responses by 31 March.

Joint Liaison Meeting – Hemerdon Mine

I attended the most recent meeting of the joint liaison meeting on 30 January which included attendees from Shaugh Prior Parish Council,  Cornwood Parish Council, the Environment Agency, and SHDC.  We had a full and frank discussion with the new mine owners and, hopefully, these will become a regular occurrence.

Barrie Spencer

[email protected]

27 February 2020

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