Grass cutting tender

On 4th February 2020, Cllr N Hopwood and Cllr B Spencer met to review the grass cutting tender for 2020 – 2023. The Councillors checked the tender documents and maps.

At the Parish Council meeting on Thursday 27th February 2020 the Council reviewed the grass cutting maps, tender process and application form.

You can download a PDF version of the application form by clicking the link here. Alternatively, if you would like a word version emailed to you please email [email protected]

Notes on grass cutting maps from Cllr B Spencer

200204aa – Master Map

This map is referred to as a master map simply because it covers the greater area but it does not cover all. The major amendments on this map are:

  • Deletion of the additional area at the northern end of the map by reference to the 4x crosses
  • Deletion of the two areas in Bickleigh Down Road at the southern end of the map where shown with 2x crosses

200204ab – Roborough – northern end

The only change here is to remove the area of grass previously marked to the southern end of New Road where it emerges onto the A386.  This is on the property owned by the Roborough Recreation Hall.

200204ac – Roborough – eastern end

  • We have added Roborough Green to the existing map
  • We have added the ‘Parish Plot’ in Leat Walk
  • We have added the triangle of ground in Tavistock Road alongside the circled ‘16’
  • We have added the small strip of land on Bickleigh Down Road, to the left (west) of where Roborough Green meets Bickleigh Down Road
  • We have added the small strip of and on Bickleigh Down Road, to the right (east) of where Roborough green joins BDR up to the junction with Blackeven Close

200204c – Bickleigh Master Map

No real changes here since the small plot in Hele Close is unchanged.  Also the map does not extend sufficiently westward to include all of the verges between Bickleigh and Old School Cottages.

200205c – Woolwell Master Map (updated)

Woolwell has been broken down into several emails to deal with the size of the images involved.

200205ad – South of Woolwell Road (updated)

Inclusion of strip at entrance to School Drive eastwards along Woolwell Drive to the bus stop

200205ae – North of Woolwell Road (updated)

Inclusion of Woolwell Centre
Inclusion of patch of land in Darklake Lane by right hand dog leg just before the entrance to the Centre

200205ac – Cann Wood etc

Inclusion of strip of land at foot of Pinewood Drive

200205ab – Pick Pie etc

Inclusion of land at foot of Church Park Road
Inclusion of land at foot of Rockwood Road
Inclusion of land, as marked, off Clover Rise









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