Land at Woolwell (up to 1640 new dwellings) – Planning application 4185/19/OPA

lanning Application Ref: 4185/19/OPA
Applicant Name: Rockspring Barwood Plymouth Ltd
Description: Outline application for provision of up to 1,640 new dwellings; up to 1,200 sqm of commercial, retail and community floorspace (A1-A5, D1 and D2 uses); a new primary school; areas of public open space including a community park; new sport and playing facilities; new access points and vehicular, cycle and pedestrian links; strategic landscaping and attenuation basins; a primary substation and other associated site infrastructure. All matters reserved except for access.
Address: Land at Woolwell Part of the Land at Woolwell JLP Allocation (Policy PLY44)
Officer Name: Ian Lloyd

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