Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood plan

The Referendum results on the Neighbourhood Plan for the Bickleigh Neighbourhod Area. 

There are 2,888 electorate in the area entitled to vote on the Plan.
There were 185 postal votes and 485 ballot box votes.
This is a 23.2% turnout, which is actually quite good for this sort of vote.
There were 528 Yes votes and 142 No votes, giving an acceptance of the Plan.

This was 78.8% for and 21.2% against.

So no recount needed.

It was apparent beforehand that there is a lot of feeling against the N.P.

It seems many people are still connecting it to the anticipated build at Woolwell rather than seeing it as a backstop for the planners and designers to try to fit in with the existing communities. However, enough voters did recognise its value.

I wish to thank all those who have helped with the development of the Plan over the last several years and those who have offered their support and interest.

Well done to the electorate for getting out and voting.

Well done to those who voted for it.

Thank you to all those who have helped over the last few years.

Thanks to our consultant who guided us through the challenges.